Gender Advisor – office of the Prime Minster of Sudan – UN Women UNDP

Gender Advisor – office of the Prime Minster of Sudan -UNDP

  • Added Date: Monday, 27 April 2020
  • Deadline Date: Monday, 11 May 2020
  • Organization: UNDP – United Nations Development Programme
  • Country: Sudan
  • City: Khartoum


Sudan in its three years of transitional period and in line with the strong commitment of Transitional Government and as stipulated in the constitutional document August 2019 to promote gender equality and women empowerment, would need to ensure necessary capacity of state institutions to deliver specific functions and responsibilities and ensure results/outcomes across the socio-economic, civil and political frameworks and the sectors. Such capacity would include a strong, functioning and resourced gender machinery and sectors equipped with specialized gender experts who can identify gender needs of different sectors and support the dialogue with the Gender Machinery to address them. A gender architecture with such capacity is necessary so that the state delivers on its specific tasks related to gender and ensure gendered delivery of results/outcome across the rest of state functions and tasks.

Following the appointment of the Prime Minister of Sudan, Dr. Abdullah Hamdook on August 21st, a group of Sudanese women representatives from MANSAM, No to Women’s Oppression and Fifty Fifty Campaign, met with the Prime Minister on August 28th to advocate issues pertaining gender equality with the dawn of Democracy and at a time when the PM is appointing his Ministers and setting the scene for his office functions. Among various issues and demands made to the Prime Minister, was the need for the Prime Minister to assign a Gender Advisor to his office, to ensure gender and women’s issues are well incorporated in the mandate of the Prime Minister’s office and along the priority areas of the PM. A request that was positively received by the Prime Minister. The Gender Advisor will actively work as part of the Prime Minister’s team to ensure that accountability of the executive system to gender equality is enforced alongside the mandate of the Prime Minister, during the coming three years

With the financial support of SIDA, UN Women is working with the Ministry of Labor and Social Development to strengthen the institutional mechanism of the Ministry to support gender mainstreaming in sectors’ intervention and to equip the office of the Prime Minister and targeted sector Ministries with gender advisors. The overall objective of the project is to equip Sudan with an effectual Gender Machinery to contribute to strengthen the capacity of federal and state institutions to deliver specific functions and responsibilities that account for gender equality and empowerment of women.

Duties and Responsibilities

The Gender Advisor will be based at the office of the Prime Minster of Sudan and will be working under the direct supervision of the Prime Minister .The Gender Advisor will also additionally be expected to report to UN Women Country Director as the seconding agency, to ensure close collaboration and coordination.

Advisory role to the Prime Minister:

In line with the responsibilities of the PM and Prime Minsters Office in the executive body, and in close coordination with the National Gender Machinery- the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the Women and Gender Equality Commission, when established, line ministries specially ministries where UN Women Staff are seconded to in the Ministry of Health, Finance and Justice while working with other stakeholders including civil society and women’s groups.

The gender advisor will perform the following tasks:

Strategy development:

  • The Gender Advisor will develop and manage the PM strategy on gender equality, provide monitoring and implementation support; Provide updates and reports for the PM;
  • Ensure that information provided to the PM includes gender sensitive measures; Provide policy briefs, and lead on initiatives to promote gender equity;
  • Provide analysis and strategic advices to the Prime Minister and council of ministers in issues pertaining to women’s rights and gender equality across the tasks of the Council of Ministers including policy briefs and proposing legislative, institutional and other measures including adequate budgetary and other resources for the implementation  and monitoring of actions aimed to account for gender equality and women’s human rights agenda during the transitional period in its governance, economic, social and political aspects at macro level with specific considerations to conflict affected areas;
  • Contributes to the development of the national peace building and rehabilitation strategies for the war-affected areas (Darfur, South Kordofan, Blue Nile, Eastern Sudan etc) and ensuring gender-sensitivity and inclusiveness of the strategies. Social protection and empowerment of women is central to the peace building and rehabilitation phase;
  • Bring to the attention of the PM critical gender gaps in various sectors and national strategies (e.g., national peace and rehabilitation strategies) as well as propose actions for improvements to raise with Council of Ministers, relevant line ministries and Sovereign Council where relevant. and other actors (omit);
  • Advise the PM to set up gender goals for his office, narrowing gender gaps in senior positions with the government, and gender sensitive budgets;
  • Advise the PM on the implementation of the Sudan UN SCR 1325 National Action Plan with relevant line ministers & the Women’s and Gender Equality Commission and to mobilize resources for implementation nationally and internationally;
  • Propose and develop accountability tools, to track and monitor progress to ensure that the executive system is accountable for gender equality, women’s human rights and women’s empowerment;
  • Advise the PM on ratification and endorsement of   national, regional and international conventions, treaties and agreements pertaining to women’s human rights.

Gender mainstreaming across ministries:

  • Promote women rights and ensure that all government agencies develop and adhere to sound policies that respect and protect women rights; liaise with the line ministries and commissions, and relevant government agencies and on the PM agenda to empower women.


  • Review all national and international statements of the PM and ensure that the gender dimension is well incorporated in his communiques;
  • Prepare briefs for the PM meetings – messages to advocate gender and women’s rights among all national counterparts and actors;
  • Prepare the draft statements for the PM of the national, regional and global events with clear commitments for women’s advancement (i.e. International Women’s Day, 16 Days of Activism to end Violence Against Women etc.).


  • Represent the PM office at the Commission of Women and Gender Equality when establishedl
  • Represent the PM office with national and international actors on gender issues as required
  • Advocate for gender equality in all relevant events and media


  • Coordinate with the Ministry of Justice in drafting gender sensitive laws for the establishment of the commissions and to ensure the gender balance in the nomination of commissioners; organize consultation on the appointment of the leading commissioners and provide women candidates for the commission to the PM.
  • Coordinate closely with the head of the Women’s and Gender Equality Commission when established by reviewing international and regional conventions where Sudan is a signatory government and draw the attention & advice the PM on actions to encourage signing and ratifying of conventions on women’s rights (i.e. Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women – CEDAW), and the Protocol to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights on the Rights of Women in Africa).
  • Coordinate closely with the gender experts at different line ministries when appointed to ensure mainstreaming of gender and human rights of women in their different ethnicity, age, class and geographical location in national policies and strategies and convey concerns to the PM.
  • Coordinate closely with the women’s entities to ensure that high caliber of women in different careers are identified and CVs are presented to the Prime Minister.
  • Coordinate closely with the female members and other members on issues pertaining women’s rights at the Sovereign Council.
  • Establish a coordination mechanism with the international and Regional community to ensure that budgets are allocated for women’s projects and programs in lights of all Ministers plans;
  • Play a catalyst role between women’s organizations and groups to ensure their concerns are heard by the PM and facilitate and organize for meetings of women’s groups/entities with the PM on specific issues;
  • Coordinate with the technical committees drafting the regulations of the council of ministers and that of the PM office to ensure that it responds to gender equality and women’s empowerment;
  • Coordinate closely with the staff of the PM’s office as required on gender issues as relevant to their tasks.
  • Coordinate with other strategic institutions, media to ensure responsiveness and sensitivity to gender;
  • Support the work of Gender Focal points in all ministries, in coordination with the Women and Gender Equality Commission.
  • Update women groups on plans and progress to achieve the PM reform agenda, and Liaise with the relevant commissions to ensure the allocation of sufficient political and financial support from the government;
  • Ensure that gender equity agenda is among the Ministerial Council priorities;
  • Performs any other duties, as required by the PM.


Core Values:

  • Respect for Diversity
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism

Core Competencies:

  • Awareness and Sensitivity Regarding Gender Issues
  • Accountability
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Effective Communication
  • Inclusive Collaboration
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Leading by Example
  • Ethics and Values
  • Organizational Awareness
  • Work in teams
  • Conflict Management
  • Continuous Learning and Knowledge Sharing
  • Professionalism

Functional Competencies

  • Very good knowledge of Results Based Management;
  • Very good knowledge of technical area; concepts and current debates on gender and human rights of women.
  • Very good organizational skills and ability to pay close attention to detail;
  • Ability to identify and analyze trends, opportunities and threats related to gender equality and discrimination against women.
  • Strong ability to lead strategic planning, formulate budgets
  • Very good report writing and analytical skills
  • Excellent communication and partnership skills.
  • Knowledge of the situation of women in Sudan and exposure to women/gender rights issues in Sudan and ability to relate to the current emerging opportunities for women
  • Familiarity with international treaties and conventions on women’s rights; ability to advise high level authority in a logic manner, ability to advocate gender equality with logic and a high level of authority.

Required Skills and Experience

Education and certification:

  • Master’s degree and above on Gender, international relations, human rights law, social science or related gender fields.


  • A minimum of 5 years of progressively responsible experience in development, focused on providing policy advice, technical assistance and/or programming around gender equality, women’s empowerment and women’s rights issues at National or International level;
  • Experience writing analytical documents and reports;
  • Experience in coordination and advocacy;
  • Substantive experience and record of accomplishment in gender equality and women’s empowerment issues at policy and programming level;
  • Substantive experience with implementing gender mainstreaming agendas across a variety of sectors,
  • Extensive experience working with women’s movements, and civil society and familiarity with women’s rights organizations and networks in the region and globally.



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